Back in June I visited the Peaslee Mountain Hunt Park in Jefferson, Maine. What i saw was very impressive; herds of elk, buffalo, red deer and fallow deer. My wife and I had talked back a year or so about myself going out west to hunt for a trophy animal. I have hunted all my life and was looking forward to this opportunity some day. After visiting Peaslee Mountain Hunt Park and talking to the owner, Forest Peaslee, I scheduled a hunt for a trophy red deer. The cost was fair because I would have paid twice as much if I had gone out west hunting. The great thing about this hunt park; you are guaranteed your trophy, where I would not have been 100% guaranteed if I went out west. At the Peaslee Hunt Park cabins are available and the food was great. My hunting time was spent with a guide named Danny. This person was great; he knew the land, the woods, and all the hills that were ahead of us. The terrain was terrific, the hunt was great! Danny let me hunt as I wished but he was always right behind me. My hunt was the first at the Peaslee Hunt Park in 2005 and it turned out to be the greatest hunt of my life. I shot a six hundred pound red deer; thirteen points which is going to make a great mount. I want to thank Forest Peaslee for showing me this great place and also want to thank Danny for putting up with me in the wild. Also the staff and the cook were the greatest. Thanks very much.

Donald Jones

P.S. See you next year.


Thank you for the hospitality and the opportunity that was provided for Derek to hunt in your game park. The experience was one that created a memory of a lifetime and would be the envy of anyone who likes to hunt, let alone a twelve year old who had never taken an animal before. You have done an excellent job in creating your park as the setting was far beyond my expectations. Danny was a GREAT guide and did a superb job at executing the day's events, I can't say enough about what an excellent and professional job he did. The food that was provided was delicious and the cabin was extremely comfortable. I've enclosed payment for my guests lodging. Being able to have him along was a great addition as he got awesome footage of Derek's entire hunt on video tape.

Thanks again,

Shawn and Derek Bouchard


I am writing to you to say thank you for a great experience and hunt. Jared, my nine year old son that accompanied me, could not stop talking about the hunt. I think that you do a superb job and run a top notch service. One thing that really stands out is your customer service and your hospitality. This was my first guided hunt and my son's first real hunt and you made us feel right at home. Dannie was fantastic! He allowed us to hunt without feeling like we were lead around on a leash. The woman that welcomed us and cooking for us, her name escapes me right now, was extremely nice and a great cook too. Jared and I look forward to coming back and doing it again. Thanks again for a memorable experience.


Brad Weilbrenner


Dear Forest,

Wanted to take the time and reflect with you about the hunt my sons and I had at your "hunt park".  When I booked the hunt I didn't realize that you made wishes come true.  That is exactly what you did!

For me to be able to take my sons and my son-in-law on a hunt was a wish come true.  To be successful and have each of us bag a trophy class animal was just fantastic.  You should be proud of what you created with the "hunt park".

The cabin was great, the meals were wonderful.  Dannie our guide is why we were so successful.  He put us on animals and left the rest to us.  He truely is one of a kind.  To say we left happy hunters would be an under statement.

Rest assured that we are planning to book another hunt in the near future.  Until then, happy holidays to you and your family.


Bruce Brooks


My name is David Williams and I would like to thank you and Dan for the most exciting and hardest hunt I have ever been on.  My father Richard and I were up at your park on 02/02/07 for a Buffalo and a Cow Elk hunt.  This hunt was very special to me because although my father showed me how to hunt he has never harvested an animal before until we went to your park.  He hunted for a Cow Elk in which he made an amazing shot and at that moment I was so happy for my Dad, I forgot I still had to hunt for my Buffalo.  I chased the Buffalo for approximately four hours all over the mountain before finally harvesting it.  It was the hardest hunt I have ever been on and you and your staff are top notch.  Your staff treated us like royalty and made a father and son hunt unforgettable and Dan is the best guide and one of the funniest people I have ever met, me and my father had a great time with him, he will definitely be our guide when we come up again.  We will definitely be up again, but this time we will purchase the trophy Red Stag and the female Red Stag special you have.  I have and will continue to recommend your staff and park to people who are looking for an affordable and memorable hunt.

Thanks again, we can't wait till next year.

Dave and Rich Williams

    I would like to thank you for the recent hunting trip that we went on with you an your staff. Danny really worked with us to ensure that we had a excellent trip provided. If you choose to use a picture on your site the name are as follows Amanda Blackburn, David Talbett, Jerry Bradford. Dave killed the 4x4 elk , Amanda killed the buffalo,  i killed the 5x5 elk. I look forward to seeing you an your staff again to hunt with you. Dave is from  New York, Amanda is from Ohio, I am from Louisiana. See you soon.

Jerry Bradford

        Just wanted to send along our most sincere thanks for a Great elk hunt. We were a large group and I know Dannie thought he had his hands full at first. But we all got our elk and the best part was that he allowed us to hunt them ourselves. He was very patient and took the time to set us up after our hunt for group photos with all our animals. He is a great guide and he made the whole experience memorable. His wit and sense of humor are priceless. We were very impressed with your whole operation. The farm, the lodge, the staff, the hunt park and the hunt itself were all top shelf. We felt like family not clients. Charlie's hospitality at the lodge truly made us feel at home. She took the time to show us around the farm and we got some wonderful pictures. Her home cooked meals were out of this world and her apple and pumpkin pies are to die for. It was truly a pleasure to meet you, Dannie and Charlie. You' re good people. The best part of our experience at Peaslee Mountain Hunt Park is that it was a hunt, not just a shoot. We're already looking forward to coming back next year.
       Thank you and please send along a heart felt thank you to Dannie and Charlie.
       Skip Laughy and the N.H. crew.

Hi Forest -
John and I want to thank Danny and Charlie for giving us an experience that we will always remember.  Especially for me - since this was my first successful hunt.  I took hunter safety in September and hunted Whitetail in November when rifle season began but had no luck. 
However - when we went out to Elk hunt, I felt very comfortable going with Danny.  He never pressured me to take an animal.  I was the last in our party to get one but when the time came - it was my choice - and Danny was there to support me all the way.  
I am so happy and proud of the animal I harvested and thank Danny for being there to support me.  He made my experience one I will never forget.  I look forward to next year when we will be back to do it again.  Thank you Danny!
Charlie - keep cooking up those wonderful "home cookin" meals (and those pies)  and for introducing us to Bell - she is going to be a wonderful dog - I can just tell.  Also thanks for taking group pictures - what a blast!  Attached are a couple pictures our friend Donny took.
You guys made this a weekend we will never forget and we look forward to returning next year - be ready for us as we will stay over nite to celebrate our harvest before heading home.     
Take care and thanks again.
John & Priscilla Purple

     I just wanted to say thanks for a good hunt and an enjoyable day. As usual Dan did a great job. I hope to come back up this fall, maybe for a combo hunt this time. I may even bring my bow for one of the animals.
Take care and Thanks again.

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